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第93回 数理科学セミナー

数学コース : 2013/05/20
開催日 : 2013/01/30
開催場所 : 理学部2号館6階数学大セミナー室 (614)


場所:理学部2号館6階数学大セミナー室 (614)

講演者:Jin Ho Lee(Korea Univ.)
タイトル:Cocyclic morphisms with respect to a map
概要:In this talk, we introduce the notion of cocylic morphisms with respect to amap in the category of pairs proposed by P. Hilton.
The cocylic morphism with respect to a map is the dual concept of a cyclic morphism of a map and a generalization of a coyclic morphism in the category of pairs. We study its basic properties such as preservation of cocyclicity by morphisms and give some conditions of the set of all cocyclic morphisms with respect to a
map to be a group. We show that there is a relation between cocyclic morphism with respect to a map and the A-category length or A-cone length. Finally we introduce a generalized dual G-sequence and study the condition of the sequence to be exact.
(Joint work with Kee Young Lee)